One Booster App: Download the Latest Version (UPDATED 2023)

One Booster App protects your device from trojan and viruses. The application creates a protective layer around your files, ensuring the highest safety during the operation.

So, It boosts the performance by removing unwanted files and the device stays up to date to deliver the best outcome. 

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A single button available in the application does the cleaning. Whenever you want to clean the desired files, tap the button, and the device will begin the optimization process.

Further, the One Booster App conducts five vital tasks: cleaning, battery saver, phone optimization, CPU cooling, and security booster.

It is the ultimate source of device management tool that guarantees the highest performance to the device. Choose any of the features, and the application will start performing the task and get the job done seamlessly.

What is the One Booster App?

One Booster App is the mobile device management and optimization software that enables the users to keep the device up to date. It cleans the unwanted files stored in the device and improves performance. With the basic optimization, this optimization app efficiently removes the Antivirus. 

Also, this software identifies the potential threat and removes it from the device. It keeps your device secure from Antivirus and malware. 

The One booster Smartphone optimization tool has received tremendous success in the device management category. Millions of users from around the globe are using the application every day.

The application’s success clearly shows how powerful the application is in preventing viruses and trojan files from getting infected by the device. 

Application Package Information

Application NameOne Booster App
File Size30 MB
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, PC and Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above
CategoryUtility App



How to Download and Install the One Booster App?

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One booster application is listed on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Windows App repository, and so on.

So, you can go to the respective app repository according to your device type, search for the One booster App and get it installed on your device. 

How to download and install the One Booster App for Android?

The download process of the One Booster App is relatively straightforward. Go to the google play store.

Like any other application, you can install this application on your device with a few simple clicks.

Once the installation is complete, the device will have the application icon on the home screen.

So, tap on it to start using the application and explore the unique features that the application offers to keep your device clean.

How to get the One Booster App for IOS?

IOS users can download the One Booster application from the App store.

All You have to do is visit the Apple App Store and then search for the name of the app.

Then proceed with the app installation and it will take about a minute to complete the installation process.

Once done, you can find the application on your iPhone or iPad apps list.

How to use the One Booster Application?

One Booster App is a productive application that keeps your mobile device safe. One of the application’s core features is that it boosts performance.

Once you have installed the application on your device, the first step is to run the cleaner. 

So, when you run the cleaning function removes unwanted, stored files from the device. The cleaning process clears the space in your device.

After that, use the other features of the One Booster App such as virus scan, CPU temperature control, RAM booster, Battery saving, and junk file removal app. 

Cleaning the stored files from the device frequently clears the space in the device, giving a boost to the operation.

As a result, you will experience a fast loading of apps and features on your device. It is recommended that you perform all these features once a week. 

RAM booster feature cleans and empty the stored memories and allows the new memories to form quickly.

Detailed Aspects of the Optimization App

Overall the One booster mobile application is the one-stop solution to the users. When using the performance-boosting application, the app stays at the top. 

Therefore, everything is possible using this application, from cleaning the junk files to protecting them from harmful viruses.

Further, the application is considered an effective antivirus software in the world as It identifies the virus before it is installed on your device and deletes them immediately.

Assume you are concerned about the battery saving in the long hour’s usage. Use the One booster App to improve your battery performance.

The application prevents the unwanted background process, which enhances battery consumption.

One Booster App Features

Here is the list of the tasks that the One Booster smartphone optimization utility App performs to keep your device safe.

  • Junk file removal is the primary process that this application applies to the device to remove unwanted files. It cleans the device thoroughly, so you get more space to store essential data.
  • The antivirus protection layer gives you 360-degree protection. The antivirus function is powered by TrustLook, ensuring the highest safety measures for your device.
  • RAM memory release function enables the device to clean the temporary memories and clear the space to boost the device’s performance.
  • The battery-saving function closes unwanted applications running in the background to enable the users to save the battery power. 
  • CPU Cooler brings more power to the device. Heat reduces the performance of the device. The One Booster App keeps the CPU performance in the moderated condition and ensures the device runs at the required capacity and does not heat up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Fix the One Booster App not opening issue?

Please check whether you have the latest version of the app. Also, please try to restart your device and then open the application.

How to update the One Booster App?

When you have installed the App, you will receive automatic update notifications to your App dashboard.

How to get the older version of the One Booster Application?

Please visit the changelog of this website

What is the Unique optimization feature of One Booster?

Cleaning unwanted files, scanning for harmful files and removing them, providing mobile optimization alerts, and many more

How to set automatic optimization in the One Booster App?

You can select the features of your mobile phone that you want to get auto-optimized with this application.